Creating a Guiding Vision for Your School - The Core Values Approach

Creating a Guiding Vision for Your School - The Core Values Approach

I regularly ask questions my 1-1 interview leadership coaching clients about the guiding vision of their school. Their replies are always really interesting.

From a coaching perspective, developing an awareness of your core values is really important.

My top 3 core values are commitment, growth and variety. When I make decisions about events, situations, investments etc. - each decision will revolve around my need for variety, commitment and growth. If I don’t experience these things then I feel stuck.

Similarly in schools - as a staff, they will decide on what their guiding vision is/what their principles are or what their core values are and each member of the school community should be aware of them and similarly be encouraged and enabled to make decisions around them.

If you or your school are engaging in professional conversation around your guiding vision then here are some questions that can help:

1. What does .... (core value look like/sound like/feel like for me/us?
2. What is our experience of....?
3. How do we react when others don't share our values?
4. What impact do our beliefs have on my (core value)
5. How can we be more....
6. On a scale of 1-10 how well are we living core value 1? 2? 3? 4?
7. What's it like when as a group we are clear on our values?

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