If you’re wondering whether to invest in my services - read this!

If you’re wondering whether to invest in my services

One of the concerns NQTs have about my services is the cost. I know that my services are more expensive than some others in the business that's ok. Spending real time and learning about what makes my clients tick - and putting that into the job application forms is what drives me in my business. However, I do understand that cost is a big consideration for many NQTs straight out of college and for those who hadn't considered having a SAF Review before. Being quoted by me can make you think - but I'm here to tell you why for many of my clients it was the best investment in their career to date.

1. Confidence Building

SAF Reviews immediately take the fear out of applying for jobs. So many teachers tell me they've never applied using the SAF, they find it so restrictive or they are unsure if their content is good enough. Working together is fantastic reassurance that each teacher has quality content in their form - from power verbs, positive words and that everything is filled in professionally. That help to make it a stand out application amongst 100s of others.

2. Skills Development

Filling in the SAF/CV and Letter of Application is a skill. I show clients how to fill in the document in a clever way using positive, powerful language and in a creative way so that they are empowered to do it again and again in the future without any further support from a professional.

3. Learn and Build on Your Skills

The beginning of your career is the best time to learn these skills. If you'll be applying for jobs over the first few months and years - then it's a great idea to do that asap!

4. Transferrable Skills

One reason I LOVE working with NQTs is because I know that much of their experience is in retail or leisure or areas outside of education. Helping them show how little aspects of those jobs are transferrable is a great challenge for me and enlightening for them to see how we can show their transferable experience and skills.

5. Fast Track Your Journey

I’ve been there, done that. I've been in your shoes NQT. As a teacher, I've been the new teacher having ZERO connections upon graduation. I've felt the pain of rejection when schools don't acknowledge your application or offer you an interview and I became disillusioned with the process. With my help, I can make your journey quicker.

While the initial investment of e379 may surprise - accessing my tailored teaching, job searching resources, getting tips for your specific application form and spending 1 hour talking with me - tailoring your SAF with your unique gifts can be a very rewarding and effective step in your job search!

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