How much does NQTs Acing Your Interviews An All-in-1 Guide cost?


One of my absolute best sellers is my Interview Guide for Teachers. The investment for this Guide is €45. Let me take you through what that investment means for you...

NQTs Acing Your Interviews An All-in-1 Guide will help you get extremely clear on what you need to do to improve your interview technique so that you get the job you deserve.

What you will get access to?

1. Tips at your fingertips

As a job seeker, You will LOVE Acing Your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide because it gives you access to a range of information that you would never have had the time to think about on your own. Things like - How can I do better interviews? How do I calm my interview nerves? How do I stop waffling? Is it all about the buzzwords? What if I don't know the answer to an interview question? When you think of these obstacles - you can then create a plan!

2. Templates

Inside the guide, I provide useful templates for how you can lay out your interview answers strategically in order to stop any waffling and get straight to the point of the questions. You'll get templates like:

3. Reduce Overwhelm

Clients tell me that having access to a printable guide means that they feel reassured in how they prepare for interviews. For certain elements of interview preparation, they are doing well - and for other areas, they can now put in a better plan. This guide helps to simplify the process. This helps them feel more self-assured. Breaking things down is where it's at!

4. Clear layout

'NQTs Acing Your Interviews An All-in-One Guide' takes you through the whole process of preparing for your first interview to reflecting on what interview success actually is. The guide is laid out so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for.

5. Value

‘NQTs Acing Your Interviews An All-in-One Guide’ is full of specific and proven interview tools that help all job hunters do better interviews.

I've combined these tools with the vocabulary and prompts for teachers so that teachers can interpret what best i8nterview practice looks like with global interview tools - specifically for the education setting. NQTs and (all teachers applying for jobs!) will be empowered to easily implement the content and use it in their own teaching situation.

As a career coach, I aim to help all my clients become empowered to do better, more informed interviews now and in the future. This guide will help you do that.

6. Time saving

With this guide, there is no waiting for hard copies - immediately download your guide and learn interview strategies, with supports like - FAQs, lists of interview questions, how to use the STAR technique,

If you want a central place to create impressive answers with a strategy to make each word count, then this is the guide to help you do just that. This guide has no fluff - just educational vocabulary plus strategy. Learn how to make an impact fast without doing hours on top of hours of research online.

7. Evidence-Based

My first ever piece of research was to reach out to primary and post-primary principals to ask them what they were looking for in teachers for their school. I created a freebie with that information here. Knowing the qualities that principals want and using those qualities with the STAR technique means that teachers finally have a blueprint to understand how they can improve their interview skills.

If ‘NQTS - Acing Your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide sounds like exactly what you need - then you’d be crazy not to purchase it here.




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