What do principals want in teachers?

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My key piece of study for 2020, was asking a wide variety of primary and second-level principals what they actually want in teachers in their schools. *These points are a shortened version of my freebie for teachers. Get the full version here.  Their answers included:

  • Top necessary skills: teamwork, communication, emotional intelligence, flexibility, leadership potential, enthusiasm
  • Knowledge of the subject area
  • Passion for teaching and willingness to develop their practice
  • A personality that is warm, open, and engaging
  • A volunteering spiritTailor your form to each particular school – Take the time to look up the name of the school principal, the website, WSE Reports, research the school community, elaborate on any skills you have that the school may be lacking in 
  • The form is filled in properly (attention to detail)
  • A variety of information is outlined
  • Good examples are used to demonstrate competencies
  • A high level of literacy; grammar, and punctuation (shows that the candidate put effort into completing the form)
  • A desire to continue with CPD and experience undertaking extra responsibilities
  • Experience in dealing with multi-grade classes
  • No gaps in your CV
  • A local address 
  • Evidence of willingness to engage in extra-curricular activities
  • Qualifications.

If, in your job applications, you’re not outlining what they want to see… you’re not going to get a call to interview. Similarly, if you’re not outlining in an interview what they want to hear… you’re not going to get the job. It’s as simple as that. By putting yourself in their shoes, reflect on if you had an important job to be done (and you wanted it to be completed to a top-class standard), what qualities and experience would YOU be looking for? Then, it’s your job to show them that you are prepared, and aware that this is what you can do for them.