Qn: What are the chances of classroom practices and teaching the curriculum coming up in a leadership interview?

classroom practices in leadership interviews


Sometimes I receive interesting queries from clients and I know that you will find them useful. So, I've decided to create a series of blog posts with FAQs. I received this query from Mary*  who wants to know: (*anon)

If a principal job is advertised and states you will be interviewed under the 4 domains but it is likely a teaching principal, what are the chances of classroom practices and teaching the curriculum and, for example, Irish questions coming up?

My thoughts are this:

In every mock interview with a client, I prepare teaching and learning questions. Why?

Because first of all and importantly, you are primarily a teacher. Whether you teach pupils directly or you teach and guide staff how to upskill, relate, communicate, etc – this is the no. 1 core competency. A principal should know how to teach - and as in this case, as a teacher directly working with a class - then they will want to know that you are competent in teaching. 

This standard in LAOS is the one I usually use to draw emphasis on leading teaching and learning.

School leaders: promote a culture of reflection, improvement, collaboration, innovation and creativity in learning, teaching and assessment.

(This can (and should!)  begin in your classroom with references to methodologies, assessment and differentiation). Talk about the best module/lesson you ever taught here. How was it creative? innovative? reflective? collaborative?

In terms of there being an Irish question – there is no one hard and fast rule so you will need to be prepared. They are generally

  • An bhfuil suim agat sa Ghaeilge? An bhfuil aon taithí spéisialta agat leis an teanga?
  • Mar mhúinteoir, céard a dhéanfá chun suim sa Ghaeilge a spreagadh i do scoil?
  • An mbeadh tú muiníneach Gaeilge a múineadh sa seomra ranga?

Keep things simple and 💥 remember that a stumble/nerves are not a sign that you’ve failed!

You can continue to climb the mountain and succeed.




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