How do I give evidence if I'm not in a managerial role?

How do I give evidence if I'm not in a managerial role?

Today’s question is a common question that I'm asked by clients. 

I am currently filling out the deputy principal application form and looking at this doc but where I am struggling is regarding answering some of the major questions (seeing as I am not in a managerial role - and some of these questions are written regarding what you are doing already). Would the language be a case of "I would" rather than I do - or what would be your advice here? Getting the language right is really stumping me.

Here are my thoughts on interviews and application forms.

You need to check to see...

1️⃣ If you have used positive language as much as possible. Nice phrases include “It’s lovely to see that…” “I’m passionate about..” It’s wonderful when…” “I love to see that…” You want to check that your form reads warmly and builds rapport. PLAN to include them - I mean it! Go back and do a redraft! 💚

2️⃣ Use the past tense as much as possible – because that’s where the evidence lies. You can promise (modh coinníollach) the sun, moon and stars but you may never do it.

And if you have intentions to do things in the future – add them to your ‘career development list’. And make them happen when you can. Always make sure your reasons are honorable though. (You’re doing it for the school and your pupils, you care that you’re developing).

3️⃣ I often find that when you brainstorm - (I mean a proper 30 min brainstorm)! Look outside of your job - to the community, voluntary things you helped in etc - things do arise and then aim to use STAR to tell the story (even if it's just a few sentences) my clients generally come up with stories/responsibilities. Don't listen to the inner gremlin when they say - that's not good enough! He/she is a terrible liar! 

4️⃣ It's much easier to get into a positive mindset when you enter a state of gratitude. To do this, I recommend investing in and printing off this beautiful tool and starting to gather evidence of all the great things you’ve done. Then the positivity will flow when writing your document!



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