How do I deal with an unsustainable work load with my AP1?

How do I deal with an unsustainable work load with my AP1?

Today we are talking about teaching sustainably. I had a query lately that I feel it's important to share and offer my thoughts on the matter. Here's the query from a follower. 

Hi Orla, I’ve recently secured an AP1 post and there are so many duties that need to be covered. I don’t know how I’ll get through them all. I know I can do it but it seems like such a mountain of things to cover. What should I do? 

Firstly, congratulations on getting the role! How did you celebrate? In life, we often forget to celebrate our little and major achievements and we are so eager to move on quickly. If this sounds like you, can you celebrate in some meaningful way to ‘celebrate you’.

To answer your concern, I would 1. Asking you to consider if a conversation needs to be had about the number of tasks in the role. Are they feasible to complete? Is it a case of breaking them down and getting others involved and 2. On a scale of 1-10 are your energy levels right now? What can you choose to do to improve that score by 1 point (then take action).

I know that starting a new role can seem daunting at first. There will be many plates in the air and you will need to self-manage yourself so that you are thinking clearly, calmly and responsively about what tasks need to be tackled first.

I would recommend that you take a look at the Time Management Video in The Teachers' Promotion Club (*Check Out The Time Management Matrix Video) -  which will provide you with great insights to focus on what is important and not urgent and will provide long-term success.

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