How do you answer the question on the vision for the role/vision for the school?

How do you answer the question on the vision for the role/vision for the school?

This question is one I get again and again from clients and they need to put their thinking caps on! 

How do you answer the question on the vision for the role/vision for the school?

One thing that I noticed when I began leadership coaching is that teachers sometimes were sometimes frustrated and they could sometimes use this question as a chance to vent. For this question, I always recommend that the energy is positive. This question IS NOT a chance to rant and tell them what you believe is going wrong with the school. Give them your ideas from a place of love and appreciation. 

This is a chance to share ideas and tell them a) what’s going great in the school and b) add your ideas to what you could bring to the role that would improve the school culture, teaching and learning, relationships within the school, funding for the school etc.

Reflect: If you could wave a magic wand and improve a few things in the school - what could they be?

Think about:

  • Courses that you’ve done recently: have you picked up any ideas that would work well?
  • Observations: Have you noticed anything around the school that could do with a little improvement?
  • Relationships within the school: How do pupils treat other pupils? How do teachers treat other teachers? Does every member of the community feel included and proud to be a member of the school body?
  • Teaching and Learning: Are there experiences that the pupils may be missing? Are there a wide range of methodologies being used etc?
  • Connections outside of the school: Are there bodies that you could bring in that are able to offer expertise and assistance in one or more areas of school life?
  • Fundraising: Do you have an idea to fundraise for X or bring new resources to the school? Use this opportunity to tell them!

Each person will have different ideas. Isn’t that amazing?! These ideas should inspire and energise them! Each candidate should be looking forward to leading something that energises them and they can’t wait to get their teeth into it.

➡ Remember to use positive language when you express them - I'd love to... It would be great if etc... 

So, there is no one right answer – look inside you and brainstorm some small (or medium) ideas that you can do in the role with the assistance of a team and management. As always, if there were a set of 'right answers' for interviews - then you would never get a chance to show them your unique personality and shine in your own way! 



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