What Are The Most Challenging LAOS Topics?

Evidence of LAOS

The main concerns in interviews that my clients have are...

  • How to answer the conflict question.
  • How to answer the challenging situation question.
  • The fact that they feel that their competition ‘is high’ for the role
  • How to answer the ‘vision’ question.

School principals can avail of coaching to help them plan their vision, to help them strengthen team dynamics, to help them reflect on how they responded to incidents of conflict or discuss challenging situations. Isn’t that cool?

Most teachers don’t have coaches - but I got the next best thing!

The reason that my approach to interviews is more heart centred is that coaches believe that the client has all the answers within. So you could know EVERY SINGLE POLICY but if you’re an unlikeable/inflexible/unsupportive person – then you won’t get the role.

Dealing with Conflict

That’s why self-awareness is so important.

If you were concerned about the conflict question:

  • you may admit that yes, once you had a conflict with a parent.
  • You might discuss how you had different sides to a story
  • listen to the parent
  • remain calm and
  • discuss solutions to the incident
  • you might follow up at a later stage.

This is what a professional person would do and that’s probably what you did in that incident. Ergo - you have examples and evidence that you can deal with conflict effectively.

Reflection questions are VERY important when you are preparing for interviews.

My LAOS Survey – called ‘Walking Around Your School Looking For Evidence of LAOS’ is available below and it will make your planning for interviews EASY and EFFECTIVE!

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