6 unknown ways you're making a difference in school


1. As a student, I'm so happy that you listen to my news.
2. As a parent, I'm so relieved that you're noticing that my child has dyslexic tendencies. I really struggled in school.
3. As a principal, I'm grateful that you hand in your cuntas mĂ­osĂșil in time. I hate going looking for them
4. As a student, though I can't articulate it properly - my movement break really helps me listen better through the day.
5. As an AP post holder, I really appreciate that you're helping me with this project. Things are tough at home. I can't do this alone.
6. As an NQT, I feel supported that you are there for me as I ask my silly questions.

Let us know in the comments, what’s one way a teacher supported you this year?



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