I Don’t Give Ad-Hoc Discounts on My 1-1 Services and Courses - Here’s Why.

I don’t give ad-hoc discounts on my 1-1 services and courses - here’s why. (1)

It’s brilliant to get a discount on goods and services - and shur why not try to see if you can get something at a discounted price?

As a small business owner, I don’t give ad hoc discounts to customers. 

The GOOD NEWS IS though - that frequently, I run promotions on my email list - AND when you keep a keen eye on your emails from me - not only will you get FREE promotion-focused tips, but you will also pick up some incredible bargains! You can sign up to my email list here. 

The reasons I don’t give ad hoc discounts to individuals are as follows…

  1. Running Costs. Running a small business is costly! General business expenses include the software I use to run the business, marketing, VAT, taxes, salary, accountancy fees, mobile and broadband charges etc. In particular, software for my business is a considerable investment each month. 

  2. Fairness. Offering ad hoc discounts to some clients and not to others seems unfair to me and can mean that some clients get upset. I prefer to offer occasional discounts to members of my email list instead. 

  3. Investing in Improvements: When clients choose to work with me either 1-1 or my online courses- I reinvest back into the business to ensure that my clients get the top-class, current and user-friendly service that they deserve. 

  4. Building Genuine Relationships: I aim to build loyalty based on the quality of my courses and my customer service, not just on pricing. I want you to come back because you love what I offer, not just because you’re waiting for a sale.

Your support does not go unnoticed. I really value your custom and it’s because of my customers that I can offer loads of free and paid promotion-focused support for teachers. GRMMA. 💐



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