When are teaching jobs advertised?


In Ireland, the job season for teachers is in two parts. The first part begins in May and continues into July. Most schools then take a break for 2 weeks in August and then in part 2 there is another surge for the last two weeks in August, and into the start of September.

Taking holidays abroad

Before the changes in 2020/21 (more interviews being held online, increased uncertainty with staffing numbers, the dangers for pregnant and compromised staff in the classrooms) and Covid-19 restricting us to holidays in Ireland, traditionally, lots of job hunters asked the question – When is it safe to take some summer holidays? (When will there be no risk that I would miss an interview if I decide to take a holiday abroad?) My answer is, while there are never any guarantees – if you wish to take a Summer holiday, a good time to book it may be for the first or second week in August. 

Zoom Interviews

Post Covid-19, while there can be no guarantees, I feel that hosting interviews over Zoom will be an option for principals, to facilitate excellent applicants to their school and teachers from abroad to apply and interview for jobs, before making the move back to Ireland.  I hope that the embracing of technology will mean that it is much easier and a viable option to offer Zoom interviews.


Here are some links for you to find teaching job postings:

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Other resources to help you prepare for interviews:

Let me know in the comments, have you risked taking a holiday abroad in the summer and you were glad you did it?



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