How do I answer what is your vision for the school/post of responsibility? 


My clients often find this question tricky! Why? Because they haven't taken the time to dream about the changes they could make. A great way to think about it is - If you had a magic wand and you could make changes - what would they be?

Here are some further tips: 

  • Be authentic – Think about what difference you would love to make in the school. Reflect: How would the school be different in 5 years’ time? What opportunities might the staff, pupils and community have? How would they be acting? What would school funds be spent on? How would you be getting on with others?
  • Show enthusiasm – It’s exciting to think that you might have the opportunity to make a positive difference. Use your body language and tone of voice to show them that. 
  • Show that your vision aligns with the vision, ethos and motto of the school and add your own ideas. *If your vision is radically different from what the school stands for – then perhaps you are not the right choice of candidate. 
  • Use the sandwich approach:  Acknowledge in one sentence what you are doing well and show how you can add to those great developments. 
  • Useful Phrases: I know our school vision is… I think that it is… My area of interest is… I love it because… I’d love to… We are doing X really well and we can now… The energy for this question is positive energy

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