How Being Vocal Can Boost Your Career Success


Ever not known the answer to an important payroll query? or worried about what would happen if that parent made a complaint about you?

Sometimes you need to keep at things to get the answers that you need. 

Instead of staying silent and hoping the problem resolves itself, it's essential to follow up with the appropriate channels - emailing payroll or your union, again and again, is important to feel safe and secure that your question has been dealt with effectively. 

Be that squeaky wheel. 

Being the squeaky wheel means that (in a kind and persistent way) - you're the person who isn't afraid to speak up and seek answers. Adopting this mindset acknowledges that your concerns are valid and worth addressing. Without voicing these issues, you run the risk of being overlooked and allowing problems to persist.

The squeaky wheel approach goes beyond just pay issues. It extends to voicing your thoughts on projects, asking for more responsibility, or even seeking out new opportunities. By being proactive and assertive, you demonstrate your commitment and drive to your leadership team which could lead to career growth and advancement.

Being the squeaky wheel (at least remembering that it's ok to be noticed sometimes) is essential for a successful career. It's about being proactive and vocal in addressing problems, seeking opportunities, and showing your value as a professional. 

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