What to ask for the ‘Do you have any Questions for Us?’ question


When I went for interviews in the past, I always dreaded one question in particular.. ‘ Do you have any questions for us?’ Though I KNEW I should have something interesting or profound to ask, I often resorted to ‘When can I hope to hear back from you?’

Changing your mindset

Once I realised that this question was my chance to find out some information about the school, I found that there were many questions I could ask. I could ask about how the school was run, if they had a particular kind of personality in mind while interviewing applicants for the position, or perhaps, if there were any future plans for the school in regards to sports, construction, etc or if they engaged in any innovative teaching strategies.

Get clear about who THEY are

Imagine you had your choice of ANY school... what would you want to know? What are your ‘must haves’ in a school? What are you willing to compromise on? It is really important that you do your research on the school before your interview. You may find that there is something about a particular school that you find compelling and you will be able to find things to ask about when you get the chance.

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