Mastering Your Interview Response with the STAR Technique

Hey there, job seekers! Let's chat about nailing those tricky interview questions with a secret weapon - the STAR technique. It's a universal framework that helps you strut your stuff and demonstrate your expertise.

Understanding the STAR Technique

Interviews can sometimes feel like a maze, but the STAR technique is your trusty compass. This universal framework stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. It's designed to help you demonstrate your competencies clearly and concisely.

Situation & …

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How Being Vocal Can Boost Your Career Success

Ever not known the answer to an important payroll query? or worried about what would happen if that parent made a complaint about you?

Sometimes you need to keep at things to get the answers that you need. 

Instead of staying silent and hoping the problem resolves itself, it's essential to follow up with the appropriate channels - emailing payroll or your union, again and again, is important to feel safe and secure that your question has been dealt with effectively. 

Be that squeaky wheel. 


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Working with Me as The Teacher Promotion Coach (non-principal!)

If you're an aspiring school leader you may be wondering how I can help you if I'm not a principal.

Truthfully - teachers don't work with me because I'm a principal. As an independent mentor, I think that's my superpower!

Teachers work with me because they know me from my social media presence and they've seen firsthand the helpful information that I share online to help teachers.

Teachers work with me - because I make things easy for them to shift their mindset from working IN their JOB t…

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Navigating Career Change as a Burned Out Teacher Tips and Strategies

Navigating Career Change as a Burned Out Teacher: Tips and Strategies

Discover tips and strategies for navigating career change as a burned-out teacher. Learn how to reflect on your values and interests, research your options, seek support, and build your skills and network. Attend our Masterclass and co-working sessions to take action towards finding a new career path that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

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Evidence of LAOS

What Are The Most Challenging LAOS Topics?

The main concerns in interviews that my clients have are...

  • How to answer the conflict question.
  • How to answer the challenging situation question.
  • The fact that they feel that their competition ‘is high’ for the role
  • How to answer the ‘vision’ question.

School principals can avail of coaching to help them plan their vision, to help them strengthen team dynamics, to help them reflect on how they responded to incidents of conflict or discuss challenging situations. Isn’t that cool?

Most …

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Preparing for interviews

Preparing for interviews: Ask yourself ‘What else?’

There is one particular question I love to ask my clients when we are trying to figure out all of their talents and capabilities. That question is; What else? As many of the educators I meet are hardworking, modest professionals who show up and get the job done, they often find it hard to declare what is so great about themselves. Once we start to delve into their capabilities and strengths together, I ask them to delve deeper.

Identifying your strengths

Brainstorming is a great way to start to di…

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Teaching Interviews

Teaching Interviews: What if I get the feeling that they didn’t like me?

The job-search can be a very daunting thing.

  • You know that you are up against many other applicants, and you hope to be the one to be selected for that great teaching job.

  • You have all the qualifications you need but feel that you may not have come across as well as you had hoped in your interview.

  • You are already working in the school - but you know that your principal will base the job on your interview performance so you really want to impress.

  • Was there something about the way you came across th…

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Coming across as overconfident in an interview

Coming across as overconfident in an interview

You may, like most people who are eager to make a good impression at an interview, do your best to keep your nerves under control. You want to appear confident and give the very best impression of yourself. Believe it or not, I sometimes hear from interviewers that they did not choose a certain candidate as they came across as over-confident. You may think that this is hard to believe as an interview can be a daunting prospect, but there are cases where an interviewee comes across as a bit too s…

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Memorising answers-how to avoid coming across as too rehearsed

Teaching Interviews: Memorising answers-how to avoid coming across as too rehearsed

There are certain things that our interviewers will want to ask us about at interview. Knowledge of certain aspects of every profession that must be scrutinised at the interview stage - and the teaching profession is no different. You want to be as prepared as possible for your interview but how do you take the answers you have prepared and use them effectively on the day?

Rote learning Vs Information

Rote learning can work fine for a written exam but can be less than ideal in an interview. When y…

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Top CV Tips for Teachers - Writing a Personal Statement

Whether you’re applying for a job on or creating a CV for substitute work an important element to your CV is a personal statement. A well written, self-aware and authentic personal statement (or professional summary) can be a fantastic way to sell yourself when looking for jobs or handing your CV around looking for substitute work.

Firstly, I should say that a personal statement or professional summary and I suggest that if you haven’t put thought and effort into wh…

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