principle practices

What do principals want in teachers?

My key piece of study for 2020, was asking a wide variety of primary and second-level principals what they actually want in teachers in their schools. *These points are a shortened version of my freebie for teachers. Get the full version here.  Their answers included:

  • Top necessary skills: teamwork, communication, emotional intelligence, flexibility, leadership potential, enthusiasm
  • Knowledge of the subject area
  • Passion for teaching and willingness to develop their practice
  • A personality t…

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A career break experience – taking the time to figure out what you want

Many thanks to the wonderful Aistear Muinteoir for sharing her career break story with us. Availing of a career break is a fantastic opportunity to press pause on full time teaching in the classroom to take a chance to travel, look after your family and try out something different. Here is her experience.

Taking stock of where you are right now

Christmas and the New Year is always a time for reflection and planning. This time last year as I was relaxing during my Christmas break - I began as…

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“I want to change career, who can help me?”

Job websites, career change, career coach, where can I find information

This is a common question I see popping up amongst career changers. They want to change, but they're STUCK.

STUCK in the problem.
STUCK not knowing what to do.
STUCK because their current job gives them financial security and they can't afford to leave.
STUCK because they fear chan…

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