AP2 roles - are they worth it?

After reading lots of teachers talk about teacher burnout - I’m sharing my thoughts on applying for AP2 roles.

When making changes to your life - always weigh up the pros and cons. Know what you have to give and plan in advance what you are WILLING TO GIVE.

My energy is a positive and loving one here - I’ve made decisions in the past and regretted them in the end - but coaching has greatly helped me to understand my decision-making processes and treat myself and others with greater compassion. It’…

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Evidence of LAOS

What Are The Most Challenging LAOS Topics?

The main concerns in interviews that my clients have are...

  • How to answer the conflict question.
  • How to answer the challenging situation question.
  • The fact that they feel that their competition ‘is high’ for the role
  • How to answer the ‘vision’ question.

School principals can avail of coaching to help them plan their vision, to help them strengthen team dynamics, to help them reflect on how they responded to incidents of conflict or discuss challenging situations. Isn’t that cool?

Most …

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What do I need to do to improve my teaching job application?

I see you. Doubting your SAF - wondering if there’s anything that you can do to improve it, if there’s some secret that others know that you don’t.

If this sounds like you then - you’re in luck!

I've created a quiz that helps teachers pinpoint exactly where they are in their job application process.

Do you want to find out - where YOU are at? It takes just a few minutes and you will get personalized results and actions that you can take to improve your job applications.

Click here to do the quiz: ht…

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Primary Interviews

Primary Interviews - are they really all sewn-up?

Some applicants for teaching jobs can lose faith if they are not being called for interview and may feel that the school has already chosen a teacher for the position before the interviews even take place! For the jobs in August especially - you are in with a real shot when you remain hopeful, positive and optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead! It’s a great ideas to take a look at the situation from a different angle!

Your SAF and CV

If you are applying for tonnes of jobs on Education …

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Teaching Interviews

Teaching Interviews: What if I get the feeling that they didn’t like me?

The job-search can be a very daunting thing.

  • You know that you are up against many other applicants, and you hope to be the one to be selected for that great teaching job.

  • You have all the qualifications you need but feel that you may not have come across as well as you had hoped in your interview.

  • You are already working in the school - but you know that your principal will base the job on your interview performance so you really want to impress.

  • Was there something about the way you came across th…

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ways I can help you land your dream teaching job

4 ways I can help you land your dream teaching job

I am an experienced career coach and I enjoy seeing my clients succeed in their interviews and land that dream teaching job. There are many ways that you can improve your chances of success by working with me. Here are the main 4 ways we can work together to make you stand out from the crowd.

CV Analysis

Curriculum Vitae in Latin, means the course of a life. This document is there to show the course of your education and professional development, along with your character and strengths. There are …

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Making better applications to Educate Together and Community National Schools

This year, I’m placing a huge amount of focus on helping teachers make better applications to Educate Together and Community National Schools.


  • Because their ethos is central to their beliefs and what makes them different.

  • Because they deserve teachers who are closely aligned with what they stand for.

  • Because developing an understanding of all religions is a vital element in accepting all pupils and their religious beliefs (or lack of them) and focusing on real diversity and inclusion.

And so… ma…

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Sample letter for students to request teaching placement in schools

Sample letter for students to request teaching placement in schools

I have been contacted by a number of students who would love some guidance about how to write effective letters and emails requesting schools to host them for teaching placements. I got you covered!

When you are sending out your email or letter to schools, it will be important to show them that you have some degree of understanding and empathy for each school and the individual setting that they have and the challenges that they face. This is all part of tailoring your application. 

Another im…

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3 Simple Tips to Create Balance between Job Applications, Work and Living Life

3 Simple Tips to Create Balance between Job Applications, Work and Living Life

One of the big frustrations my clients have when they come to me for coaching is striking that balance between work, home life and job applications.

The reason they are so frustrated is that applying for jobs…. is a job in itself.

Many of my clients have…

  • a full time job and are balancing that with family,

  • household chores and

  • trying to do some ‘normal’ things like exercising and

  • catching up with friends and

  • filling out application forms

It really is a challenging time!

So what can you do to make this a …

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Teachers: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Yourself on your Standard Application Form

Over the last few years, I’ve been reviewing Standard Application Forms for hundreds of teachers. You guys are the most dedicated, caring and organised bunch, I’m so lucky to have met so many wonderful teachers over the last few years. We truly have lots of laughs on our calls together. When it comes to preparing for job applications though, there is lots of confusion!

Here are the main themes I’m seeing from working 1:1 with clients.

  •         Too much detail

  •      Not knowing where to begin

  •     Not p…

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