AP2 roles - are they worth it?


After reading lots of teachers talk about teacher burnout - I’m sharing my thoughts on applying for AP2 roles.

When making changes to your life - always weigh up the pros and cons. Know what you have to give and plan in advance what you are WILLING TO GIVE.

My energy is a positive and loving one here - I’ve made decisions in the past and regretted them in the end - but coaching has greatly helped me to understand my decision-making processes and treat myself and others with greater compassion. It’s been a wonderful journey.

If you’re thinking of applying for an AP2 - I suggest that you think about the following points:

Only apply for AP2 if…

You love making a difference in your school - your energy will be full of love and gratitude when you take up your AP role.

✔ You feel comfortable having difficult conversations with your principal when/if the workload becomes too great - if they don’t know something is too much - they can’t do anything about it. Share your experiences with them and explain how you’re feeling if the workload is unachievable.

You have thought about how the role will affect your family life and free time - What are your top 3 values in life? Do you know? Making decisions in one area of life will mean that other areas may be out of sync if you don’t address things.

✔ You see the post as a stepping stone to something bigger - It’s a fantastic stepping stone and confidence builder if you’re looking for secondment or senior leadership posts in the future.

You’re not really doing it for the money - It’s not that much extra per paycheck - Be sure that you have other motivations that make the extra work ‘worth it’.

✔ You know what your personal boundaries are and you will stick to them - You may need to say “no”, or “perhaps later this year” or “that’s not on my priority list at the moment - but I will get back to you on that”. When you have boundaries - life can remain more balanced.

You’ve brainstormed other ways that you could bring change and variety into your life and you’ve taken action on them. Many teachers crave variety in their lives - but what other ways are there for you to fulfill that need?

✔ You’re keen to observe how taking on this new role is good for your personal development - watch how the AP2 helps you grow and flourish as you put extra time and energy into your school relationships, your ability to manage conflict, your efforts towards managing your time, and more.

You know how much the role will add to your income yearly and fortnightly and it seems worth it to you. Seriously, get that figure and reflect on it and observe it as part of your bigger career picture.

Teachers, be healthy, happy and make informed decisions around your career.

The things that make you happy (whatever they may be) - do more of them!

Sending you love, light and best wishes for 2023!

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I am so happy to see such a widespread and varied number of excellent lessons and templates. This Is so helpful. I would say this to others: Please do this for yourself. It is an investment, it is self-rewarding and extremely helpful in so many ways. There is positive leadership from Orla at all times.


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