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6 unknown ways you're making a difference in school

1. As a student, I'm so happy that you listen to my news.
2. As a parent, I'm so relieved that you're noticing that my child has dyslexic tendencies. I really struggled in school.
3. As a principal, I'm grateful that you hand in your cuntas míosúil in time. I hate going looking for them
4. As a student, though I can't articulate it properly - my movement break really helps me listen better through the day.
5. As an AP post holder, I really appreciate that you're helping me with this project. Thin…

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These simple strategies will transform your leadership job application

  • Use positive words like impressive, special, support,

  • Give the results. Use the STAR technique in your job application. State what you did, break it down into the actions you did and give the result of your actions.

  • Expect that they will want to hear your best stories. (*No, they aren't judging you- you're supposed to be telling your best career stories).

  • Add your LinkedIn profile link if you're active on the platform.

  • Make your job application easy to read using headings and subheadings.

  • Remembe…

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Evidence of LAOS

What Are The Most Challenging LAOS Topics?

The main concerns in interviews that my clients have are...

  • How to answer the conflict question.
  • How to answer the challenging situation question.
  • The fact that they feel that their competition ‘is high’ for the role
  • How to answer the ‘vision’ question.

School principals can avail of coaching to help them plan their vision, to help them strengthen team dynamics, to help them reflect on how they responded to incidents of conflict or discuss challenging situations. Isn’t that cool?

Most …

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How do I answer what is your vision for the school/post of responsibility? 

My clients often find this question tricky! Why? Because they haven't taken the time to dream about the changes they could make. A great way to think about it is - If you had a magic wand and you could make changes - what would they be?

Here are some further tips: 

  • Be authentic – Think about what difference you would love to make in the school. Reflect: How would the school be different in 5 years’ time? What opportunities might the staff, pupils and community have? How would they be acting?…

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Coming across as overconfident in an interview

Coming across as overconfident in an interview

You may, like most people who are eager to make a good impression at an interview, do your best to keep your nerves under control. You want to appear confident and give the very best impression of yourself. Believe it or not, I sometimes hear from interviewers that they did not choose a certain candidate as they came across as over-confident. You may think that this is hard to believe as an interview can be a daunting prospect, but there are cases where an interviewee comes across as a bit too s…

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Sample Questions for Domain 1  Leading Teaching and Learning

Sample Questions for Domain 1 - Leading Teaching and Learning

When preparing your application form and for interviews for management positions in primary and post-primary schools, it’s important to have examples prepared under the four domains – Leading Teaching and Learning, Managing the Organisation, Leading School Development and Developing Leadership Capacity.

The interview board will be looking for relevant, concrete examples of times that you have shown leadership qualities as evidence of your ability to perform at management level in the school. It’s…

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