FAQs About The Four Domains Simplified Course for School Leaders

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Are you curious about the Four Domains Simplified Course?

I know that you may have questions that you'd like answered. 🤩 So I thought I would address some of the questions that I’ve been getting about it. Here are the top questions I'm being asked. 

1. Is ‘The Four Domains Simplified’ better than ‘Help I’ve an Interview in a Week’?

In ‘Help I’ve an Interview in a Week’, I teach Looking at Our Schools through the lens of a variety of interview questions – each starting with the phrase ‘How do I….” Each lesson is an interview question and there are supporting questions like how do I use the STAR technique and Looking at Our Schools. This course has been my top course at leadership level with over 100 teachers using the course to upskill for leadership interviews. The primary objective of the course is to - help teachers better prepare for leadership interviews.  Learn more here.

The Four Domains Simplified Course for Aspiring School Leaders - gives a broader overview of the ‘Looking at Our Schools’ Document.

As a specialist in the ‘Looking at Our Schools’ Document - I decipher and infer and simplify each of the 16 standards at Leadership Level. This means all of the hard work is taken out of understanding the ‘Looking at Our Schools’ Document. The Four Domains Course 1. Simplifies the document. 2. Gives you ideas for professional growth and development. 3. Help with SSE. 4. Sparks important professional conversations. 5. Suitable for teachers at any stage of the year. 6. Prompts teachers to reflect. 7. Create cohesive teams. 8. Valuable for both teams and individual teachers. 9. Supports teachers in doing  effective leadership interviews. Here's what Colin said about the course "The cheat sheets for each of the domains were fantastic. They would be your go-to document before any form of interview".  

The primary objective of the course is to help teachers and schools - simplify - The LAOS document. Learn more here.

2. Are your pre-recorded online courses something that I should consider?

I think so, in fact – I KNOW SO! Whether you’re thinking about The Teachers’ Promotion Club, How to Fill in Leadership Application Forms, The Four Domains Simplified, or something else – you’ll find the content EXCELLENT and the accessibility – TOP NOTCH. Here are just some of the benefits of learning online with me.

Here's why:

  1. Accessibility: My online learning platform (called Simplero) is extremely accessible. You can learn from your laptop or/and a free Simplero app. That means you can learn on the go/learn when you sit down with your interview notes. This makes learning for interviews as easy as pie!

  2. Repetition: Learning via pre-recorded course allows you to listen and rewatch the videos and capture new ideas time and time again. In many ways an online course is better than a one-to-one session because of the amount of content that you can cover, and the number of lessons that you can access, which wouldn't be available in a one-to-one session.

  3. Fit learning around family time: My online courses are designed to help busy parents learn at a time that suits them. One member of the Teachers’ Promotion Club 😅 chose to join because he was in the very middle of a house move. The app meant that he could learn where and when he wanted.

3. How long will it take to go through?

It will take about 2 hours if you do it in one go: Wait, wait though!

This course is JAM PACKED full of value with…

  • Lifetime Access: You will have access for the lifetime of the course. That means you will have access to this course and the updates again and again and again to reference for any leadership positions that come up. So, it's extremely accessible.
  • Learn, Reflect and Implement: It's also a great idea to break it up and learn on the go - so that you are able to give yourself time to reflect on each of the lessons. This way - when you are preparing for interviews are reflecting on your professional development. Sure – you can attend webinars – but they won’t be this accessible.
  • Come And Go as You Please: Listen to a video for 2 minutes or 16 minutes or 12 minutes and implement what you've been learning in the course. You will come out with easy-to-implement action points to greatly develop your career.

4. Is it worth the money?

I get it. It’s not free. It’s not the cheapest course on the market – and you may have reservations about that. HOWEVER, The Four Domains Simplified is designed to help teachers to become better teachers in an EASY way. Imagine when, at the end of the school year of 2024 you will be a better teacher and your staff have evidence of the fact that they have implemented (e.g., 5) tasks that mean that your school is getting closer and closer to the statements of highly effective practice. THAT’S what this course can do for you as a teacher and your school team.

'Anon' commented: "A lot of teachers are doing a lot of these things already - they just might not have the correct language to back themselves up. This course provides them with this language". If you want to build up your confidence as an aspiring school leader - The Four Domains Simplified - is a cornerstone for your interview success. 

5. How long is the Early Bird on for? 

At the moment - The Four Domains Simplified is on Early Bird Special Pricing for just €239. This rate is available until August 24th at 11.59pm. After that the price will rise to €297 - so be sure to get in quickly!

6. Will it help Me with my DEIS Plan/SSE?

Without doubt! The Four Domains Simplified - will be a crucial part of school self-evaluation and DEIS planning. With new never-before-shared tips inside, small achievable changes that teachers can do (not depending on huge initiatives!) ‘The Four Domains Simplified’ will quickly reveal to you ways that schools can get closer each month -to the statements of highly effective practice. Colin (Post-Primary Teacher) - mentioned how simple the course is to implement in schools - "The simplification of the LAOS document is fantastic. I think that for a lot of senior leaders - the course would be a fantastic reference point before any major decisions are made in a school".

7.  How can you help me, Orla?

I am Primary School Teacher and I care passionately about developing leadership skills and looking after the children of our future.  In 2017, I became a Career and Life Coach - specialising in working with teachers and over that time, I have developed 25 (free and paid) online courses, freebies, printable guides, and 1-1 mentoring sessions for teachers.  I have an interview success rate of 71%. Since I started in business, I've helped hundreds of teachers and 1000s of Irish teachers at home and abroad.

Through my teacher membership, called the Teachers Promotion Club I’ve learned all about the trials and tribulations in schools all over Ireland. Learn more about the club here. 

This information greatly informs how I create online courses and pinpoint what schools and teachers need in the Irish education system.

My qualifications are the following.

  • 2023 - QTT. Qualified QTT Practitioner with Moira Geary. Certificate in Coaching and NLP

  • 2022 - Coaching Academy Plus - Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics. Diploma in Life and Leadership Coaching

  • 2019 – Vitae Consulting – Certified Strengths Coach

  • 2017 - The Centre for Professional and Personal Development – Diploma in Life and Business Coaching

  • 2008 - Hibernia College - Qualified Primary School Teacher

  • 2005 - UCC. BA in Philosophy and An Leann Duchais. 

8.  Did the teachers get paid to review ‘The Four Domains – A LAOS Course for Aspiring School Leaders?

Nope. Thanks to the brave teachers who have given their testimonials and feedback about the Four Domains Simplified. The aspiring school leaders (and existing school leaders) have received no payment for their feedback. They had a look inside the course and found the information inside very helpful which I am very pleased (and a little relieved) about!

9. I'll be responsible for 'X type' of initiative next year - will this course help me?

I get it - schools are busy places. Teachers wear many hats and new post holders will have new (and existing) responsibilities next year. This course will help you. Check out HOW it will help you.

1. New Ideas: Finding time for post of responsibility duties can be challenging. The Four Domain Simplified Course has a FANTASTIC 'cheat-sheet' section that will give you tonnes of ideas that fulfill each of the statements AND give you ideas for your post duties - all in one place.

2. Assessment: This course gives you lots of questions and opportunities to reflect on the tasks you've done in the past and how you're showing up as a leader so that you can adjust and polish up your unique strengths for this new initiative. As the saying goes "Reflection is looking back so that the way forward is even clearer" (unknown).

3. Teamwork: Module 3 outlines 6 crucial skills that teachers need to develop (e.g. people skills, conflict resolution skills, seeing pupils as holistic beings) and teamwork is one of these lessons. The Four Domains Simplified gives participants ideas about how to show initiative AND be a team player at the same time. 

4. Time-Saving: The Four Domains Simplified will save you lots of time in the early stages of your initiative (or existing one) from researching ideas online. All the information you'll need to get off to a great start is in this course. 

5. Getting Staff Buy-In: Because you will have lots of ideas for things that you could do in your new initiative - you will have a variety of options for important team meetings and when encouraging others to come on board. Teachers will (under your guidance) then have more autonomy and will buy-in to your initiative more readily - meaning that it will be embraced more easily and quickly.

If you have any queries or questions about The Four Domain Simplified Pre-recorded Online Course -pop them in the comments below and I'll get straight back to your query!



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