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How to Unlock What You Have to Offer when You Already Have Staff Buy In

As an ambitious school leader seeking to ascend to senior roles in the educational sector in Ireland, you likely find yourself in a unique position. You've already garnered the support and trust of your staff—a testament to your leadership skills and history. However, as you contemplate taking the next step in your career, you may wonder how to showcase your capabilities in your job application and interview - when the staff's buy-in is already secured.

Recognising Your Value

As a steady and n…

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Where to Look for Your Next Teaching Job

Are You Searching in the Right Places?

Have you ever found yourself wondering where to find the best teaching jobs?

The process can often feel like navigating a maze with no clear direction. As educators, we understand that job hunting can be a daunting task.

Broaden Your Horizons

The first step is to broaden your search beyond the obvious. Apart from the well-known online job boards, there are numerous other platforms where schools advertise their vacancies. Think about local school district websit…

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