4 ways I can help you land your dream teaching job

ways I can help you land your dream teaching job

I am an experienced career coach and I enjoy seeing my clients succeed in their interviews and land that dream teaching job. There are many ways that you can improve your chances of success by working with me. Here are the main 4 ways we can work together to make you stand out from the crowd.

CV Analysis

Curriculum Vitae in Latin, means the course of a life. This document is there to show the course of your education and professional development, along with your character and strengths. There are many templates out there and I recommend you use mine. You can download my free CV Template here. I also offer CV reviews and can help you to reformat your existing CV to make it more appealing to potential employers.

Standard Application Forms

Working with many clients and school leaders over the years, I have seen all the ways mistakes are made when clients are filling in their SAFs. Principals have also told me what they do, and do not, want to see when it comes to these forms. There is also another free resource available on my website homepage to help you understand what principals are looking for in an application form.

Mock Interview Practice

Preparation is key! If you need to practice your interview skills with me, I will be delighted to help. It can take a lot of pressure off if you feel well-prepared for that all important interview.

Interview and Career Confidence

I am a qualified and experienced career coach. It is my job and passion to help you feel good about yourself and get you into the right frame of mind to ace that interview. I offer 1-1 help and guidance to clients and I really do share in your joy when you land your dream teaching job!

If you need help and guidance with your CV, SAF, Mock Interview Practice or career coaching, do get in touch with me at hello@orladempseycoaching.ie or find out more here.



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