Making better applications to Educate Together and Community National Schools


This year, I’m placing a huge amount of focus on helping teachers make better applications to Educate Together and Community National Schools.


  • Because their ethos is central to their beliefs and what makes them different.

  • Because they deserve teachers who are closely aligned with what they stand for.

  • Because developing an understanding of all religions is a vital element in accepting all pupils and their religious beliefs (or lack of them) and focusing on real diversity and inclusion.

And so… making effective applications means doing a little research.

Check This Out

If you've never worked in an Educate Together School there's a great video about it here:

Reading between the lines

The more research I do into schools of another ethos (and not having much experience teaching in them) I've used my inference skills to distill what is important to them from lived experience. If you've not watched the video above, I advise that you do before you read on. 

For the teachers in the video, their lived experiences of ET schools include:

  • learning new things every day.

  • it's important to other teachers that they can be true to themselves.

  • ET ethos is reflective of Irish culture and society as we develop as a nation going forward.

  • It is a diverse and creative experience for pupils and teachers alike.

  • ET schools are happy, equal and positive places.

  • ET schools are tolerant places.

  • For other teachers, the ethos deeply reflects their personal ethos and beliefs.

  • Opportunities to be involved.

  • There is a great sense of community.

Surface vs Below the Surface Levels

On the surface level, these are things that are representative of all schools. On a deeper level, however, watching this video - many of these teachers feel passionate that ET schools are the right fit for them. Many may only consider working in Educate Together Schools. It is all down to their personal values - and your personal values come from the heart.

That's where they need to come from when you're applying to an Educate Together. You can be sure that the principal of an Educate Together School feels passionate that the ethos of their ET school is very important. 

Learn More Here

Find out more about their 'Learn Together' Ethical Curriculum here: and about Community National Schools here:

Self Reflection

Finally, I invite you t do some personal reflection about your own spiritual beliefs. Would you consider ONLY working in ETNSs? Would you consider working ONLY in Catholic patronage schools? How can you become more understanding of the core principles of ET schools and use them to write your application?

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