5 time management tips for teachers

5 time management tips for teachers

Always chasing your tail to get those copies corrected? Do you feel stressed about finding the time to update your display boards? Today's blog outlines some of the time management strategies that I wish I'd known as an NQT.

Tip#1. There's no Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Unless requested by management to do otherwise, and you feel that you like the layout of school yearly schemes - by all means, USE THEM! As I go around subbing - I see examples of the wide range of teachers' planning. Some teachers go into so much detail and others... not so much. Don't fall subject to your Gremlin saying "You're not a good enough teacher if you're not in school every evening until 6 pm". Gremlins tell us a load of lies!

Similarly, are there lessons that have worked well for you in the past? Pop them into your yearly plan and fortnightlys. Apart from other things, it gives your mind a little mental break - the idea that "I've done this successfully before".

Tip#2. Use The 2 Minute Rule

If something has been on your mind and your to-do list for a while - BUT it takes 2 mins or less to do - DO IT. NOW. Knocking it off your list is a great feeling and you can focus on other things then.

Tip#3. Simplify Operations

Are there some jobs that take you ages to do and you'd love some help with them? Who could help? Making the children as independent as possible is a great way to shave off some time doing things that you would have to do otherwise.

In my business, I'm now working on outsourcing some tasks that are outside of my zone of genius so that I can focus on tasks that I enjoy more, I'm better at and that gives me a sense of satisfaction. Lots of training, explaining and creating routine and structures are involved but doing this now means it will be a massive time saver in the long run.

Tip#4. Theme Days

This is such a fantastic way to save time. Most days each week I focus on a particular aspect of my business (eg. content planning, Facebook, creating structures, business promotion etc).

Having a focus on one thing daily really helps the mind then to filter distractions to my attention.

You may theme your days using themes like Correcting core subject copies, assessments, Croke Park follow up, the arts etc.
Choose 4 or 5 themes that suit you.

Tip#5. Cut Out Distractions

The only notification that comes up on my phone is an hourly chime that reminds me to say my affirmations. I have disabled email notifications, weather notifications, news notifications etc. This has been a game-changer in allowing me to focus my time without being disrupted by distractions.

So, let us know where is it that most of your time gets sucked?

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