Commit to securing a job - How my new online course can bag you the job.

Commit to securing a job

Towards the end of last week, there was a real buzz about the place, with teachers getting in touch with me, asking for CV and SAF Reviews. For sure, teachers are preparing themselves for all the positions that will be opening up over the next 6 weeks and beyond!

Are you one of these teachers?!

If you are one of these teachers who will be applying for positions in the next few weeks, you will need to make sure that your CV and SAF are as good as they can be. These documents afford you a great opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers. I can help! I have a great deal of experience helping teachers like you, land that dream teaching job. There are mistakes I see regularly in CVs and SAFs that can be avoided, when you know what the employer is ( and is not ) looking for.

How I can help you shine!

Last year, I worked with many teachers who secured jobs, got more interviews than ever before because of a few smart tweaks to their job applications. Teachers from Donegal to Kerry and from Dublin to Clare, are now busy teaching classes full-time and part-time and found the job search a little easier than before my support.

Shall I tell you how I helped them?

  • I listened to them telling me stories about their experiences of teaching to date. I heard what really excites them about teaching and we made sure to highlight this excitement in their applications.

  • I asked them what they are really good at, and we used that important information to make them stand out to potential employers.

  • I helped them use the space in their CV and SAF creatively and effectively – in a way that nobody else has ever taught them to do before.

  • I helped them to put their experience, their strengths and voluntary work into words, in a way that reads well to the employer.

  • I formatted their applications so that their form is interesting to read and is user-friendly.

I’ve learned what it takes to effectively sell yourself to a ‘stranger’ in black and white in a CV/SAF document. Those principals may know nothing about you – you have a great opportunity to make a great impression in your 2-page CV, and also in the 14 pages that make up your SAF. All of my key information is outlined in my new course - Selling Yourself - The Complete Course for Applying for Teaching Jobs’. Here’s the link.

Don’t you want to give yourself your best chance?

My online course ‘Selling Yourself - the Complete Course for Applying for Teaching Jobs may just be EXACTLY what you need right now. Read more about it here.



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