How to write a letter of application/cover letter for teaching jobs

How to write a letter of application cover letter for teaching jobs

Firstly, let’s get the basics right. It’s important to keep it short, follow a professional format and try not to rehash what’s already in your SAF or CV. You do'’t want to bore them with blatant repetition. The letter of application is designed to be a brief introduction to yourself and to welcome them to read more about you in your Standard Application form or CV.

The length of your letter of application

3/4 of a page to 1 page is the maximum for a letter of application. I see it happen all the time where people write more than that, but  I will be bored if you try to cram all your experience into your cover letter. It's in your SAF/CV anyway. 

Think of focusing just on the highlights of your career here. 

Using bullet points

Those career highlights - why not bullet point them? It makes the letter more interesting and much easier to read. Outline 3 -5 major career achievements and briefly, explain how they now help you in your teaching career.

Some useful phrases for tailoring your SAF, CV and letter of application

Tailor your Letter of Application by using these key phrases:

  • I’m aware that…

  • I can see from your school website…

  • I have been following your social media updates for a while now and….

  • I know that X is important to you at X school

  • From your job advertisement, I notice that…

  • have heard/seen that your school (football team) etc… is…

  • I have experience in X and I feel that this experience would be a great match for you because...

  • One of my key skills is…and I know that…

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