School Management AP Applications: Domain 3 Leading School Development


From remote teaching, adapting to the new curriculum, School Self Evaluation, facilitating various employment options and now Covid restrictions - schools are developing at a speed which is faster than ever.

When preparing your AP, deputy principal or principal application form - and preparing for your interviews, you may choose to think about:

How might you go about leading school development?

• School Development: How aware are you about how the school is developing at present? Getting a birds-eye view of the school numbers, the direction it's going in, mission statement etc. is important to know how you can make a real difference in contributing to the school going forward.

. The role you play. What role do you play in its development? Perhaps you are a mentor for new teachers, advocate for professional development, INTO rep explaining all changes that are occurring in the organisation and relaying the information to staff etc... Perhaps you wear many hats.

•Area of expertise. What area/s are you passionate about improving? Perhaps it's a curricular area or special focus that the school has that gets you energised to take part. Focusing on an area you love will ensure that you remain enthusiastic and engaged in the project and others will feel the same when they notice your enthusiasm.

Your role in the school community

When you have taken an overview of your school and your role in it, reflect on these questions that may be asked in interviews:

  • Which areas do you feel need further development? How would you take on that role?

  • How well do you help new staff settle into your school? Perhaps you have a kind word with them in the staffroom or you are a Droichead mentor. Beginning in a new school is a steep learning curve. Perhaps you make this process a little easier for new staff.

  • What advice do you give them and how has your input made a difference?

  • What are the school’s strengths and weaknesses in your opinion?

  • What are our opportunities for growth?

  • Can you share a time that you developed a project in our school?

  • What might you do differently?

  • Communicate the guiding vision for the school and lead its realisation

  • Lead the school’s engagement in a continuous process of self-evaluation

  • Build and maintain relationships with parents, with other schools, and with the wider community

  • Manage, lead and mediate change to respond to the evolving needs of the school and to changes in education

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