Is it important to principals when they’re recruiting, that a teacher has already been probated? 


Today’s blog outlines what principals think when they receive job applications from NQTs. One key thing that I’ve found out is that in recruitment in education, personal preference always plays a big part. Over the past number of months and years chatting to principals - the one thing I’ve learned is that there is no ultimate answer for what they are looking for  – we can only gather a general consensus for the universal skills that are preferred amongst many leaders.

Everyone had to begin somewhere

My own sense from speaking to them, however, is that the majority of principals have no problem facilitating a teacher who is in the beginning stages of their career - if their application form is impressive and if they interview well (with warmth, energy and have the necessary qualifications). So in a nutshell, principals appreciate that every teacher had to start somewhere. 

The needs of the school

On the other hand, some principals have reported to me that they always put the needs of their school first. On occasion, they will look at the staff that they have at present, as a whole, and assess what skills are currently lacking, the types of personalities that they currently have and what they would like a new teacher to bring skills-wise, personality-wise and experience-wise to a school. 

Recruitment is an important matter

Be under no illusion that principals put a lot of thought into this before the recruitment stage. They take recruitment very seriously. As teachers, this means that you will be selected for an interview for the schools that find your application attractive, and perhaps for other schools; we just don’t meet their criteria. It’s not personal.

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