5 things I learned from a principal

5 things I learned from a principal

In February 2021, @journeyofaprimaryprincipal (Instagram) gave her insights into leadership and recruitment in education on my Instagram page.

Here are a few things that I learned from the experience that you may find interesting:

1. Women in education have lots to offer

@journeyofaprimaryprincipal outlined that she has observed that women in education don’t give themselves enough credit. She says that women teachers should throw their hat into the ring, just like men do - when it comes to opportunities and management roles.

This was massive for me because as women, I too, feel we don't give ourselves the credit that we deserve. I work every day with wonderful women and men, wouldn't it be great if women gave themselves an equal chance and believed in themselves to step into leadership?!

2. Principals and BOM understand that interviews are difficult.

She also stated that interview boards want each candidate to succeed. They are people too. Some of them don't smile. Some of them are looking for specific details or traits, but I feel that knowing that they genuinely want to see you succeed can help us reframe interviews in a more positive light.

3. A postgraduate course in educational leadership helps, but it's not compulsory.

Again, I feel that this may be a limiting belief for some people. So often we tell ourselves ‘I’ll wait until things are right, now is not the ideal time to do that.’ @journeyofaprimaryprincipal reminded us that there may never be a 'right time' so taking the leap for a management role could be the next step for you. Don't wait for that 'right time.'

4. Spelling errors, grammar and easily avoidable mistakes do not impress.

Well, this is what I say every day. You've heard it from a principal now too.

5. A child-centered approach (even in application forms) is one great way to impress.

I loved this! It encouraged me to reflect - what would a child-centered application form look like? Hit reply to this email to share your thoughts with me.

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Many thanks to @
journeyofaprimaryprincipal for taking the time on my Instagram page to share her expertise. Her page is a fantastically supportive place to learn about leadership in education and advice for those seeking jobs. If you are looking for help with the application process, I can help. You can email me at hello@orladempseycoaching.ie



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