5 CV Don’ts

CV dont

Here are the most common mistakes I see when I am reviewing CVs with my clients.

1. Don't name your CV - Curriculum Vitae. Imagine the email inbox of your potential employer…if they get 25 applications for a job and your CV is effectively anonymous as you have named it Curriculum Vitae instead of adding your own name to the document title, how are they to find your CV in the event that they want to consider you for interview? You risk being overlooked as a busy principal really does not have the time to go looking for an anonymous CV.

2. Don't put your Educational Qualifications ahead of your practical experience (I'm more interested in learning about your work experience and how you put your qualifications into practice).

3. Referees: Don't put your referees in there if they are asked for in your SAF anyway as this is just a waste of space. You could put this space to much better use!

4. Photographs: Don't put your photograph on it unless asked for. What a person looks like has nothing to do with their teaching abilities. A photo may be a requirement for professions such as those in the entertainment industry, but teaching CVs do not need to include a photo of the applicant and indeed, could lead to discrimination.

5. Getting ‘inspiration’ Don't copy content from a friend or colleague (you will end up copying info that sounds good but doesn't represent you). Imagine an interviewer asking you to talk about an aspect of your CV that you have copied and really isn’t relevant to you at all. This will just make you unnecessarily uncomfortable and will serve you no purpose at all in the end.

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