What is Canvassing?

What is Canvassing

You see a job advertised for a great school nearby, and you really hope to be the one to get it. There are clear instructions in the advert on how to apply for the job. If you then approach the school outside of the application guidelines, this can be seen as an effort on your part, to influence the decision-making process to your advantage.

This is called canvassing and will often lead to your application being rejected.

The application process is there to create a level playing field for all applicants. Don’t ruin your chances by canvassing.

Introducing Yourself

Having spoken to many principals on this matter, canvassing is only an issue when there has been a job advertised. If you would like to introduce yourself to a school in a professional creative way - you may do so and explain that you may be moving to the area and give a genuine reason for reaching out to the school. Think - developing a relationship here.

You could send them a short landing page of your career achievements or a one page summary of 3 great initiatives that you were involved in that would be of genuine interest to them. Try to think of ways that your introduction to them would make them really take notice.

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