Series: Awkward Interview Questions - Part 4


What are your strengths?

It is not always easy to speak about yourself to a stranger. It is especially difficult when that stranger is a potential employer. Do you fear that you will come across as bragging or big-headed if you tell them exactly why you are a great candidate and that you have so much to offer? You should absolutely sing your own praises in an interview! How is your interviewer to know what you have to offer if you don’t tell them?!

Your strengths in a school setting.

The interviewer is looking for insights into who you are as a person and what you would bring to their school. The strengths you speak of in an interview situation should show who you are in a teaching situation. Are you naturally kind and understanding? This is a great trait in any teacher. Perhaps you are the person people turn to in times of uncertainty. Again, your leadership skills here demonstrate a willingness to take charge and that you create an atmosphere of trust.

Give an example of how you used your strengths in a situation to tell a story.

Was there a time when you handled a situation well and this successful conclusion was thanks to one of your natural capabilities? Tell your interview about this situation.

New insights.

Teachers evolve as their experience grows. You may have been pleasantly surprised to have discovered a new strength in the classroom that you never thought you had. This experience that led you to this new discovery is interesting and shows self-awareness and self-reflection. It is not just the children who learn in the classroom, we learn more and more about ourselves as teachers and people, every day.

Self-reflection before any interview is a great idea. Take the time to go over possible interview questions and see how you would answer.

The Awkward Interview Questions Series:

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