‘Looking at our schools’ interview questions


Using the 4 leadership domains from the Looking at Our Schools document is an excellent starting point from which to prepare for leadership interviews in education. Look at the domains (not as a rigid structure) but for BOMs and Interviewers to use as a framework from which to compose questions. Here I outline some questions and the domains under which they may fall under.

Leading Teaching and Learning

1. In what way have you used a curriculum area or other to promote a culture of improvement, collaboration, innovation and creativity in learning, teaching and assessment?

2. How have you fostered a commitment to inclusion, equality of opportunity and the holistic development of each pupil? 3. How have you managed the planning and implementation of a curricular area?

4. How have you been involved in fostering teacher professional development that enriches teachers’ and pupils’ learning?

Managing the Organisation

5. As a DP and teacher you would have to juggle a lot - how would you manage that?

6. Can you tell me a time where you were able to manage a challenging, complex situation?

7. How would you lead and motivate teachers who you will be working with who also went for this position and are disappointed because they didn’t get it?

8. Why do you want to be the deputy principal of this school, St. Mary’s?

Leading School Development

9. SSE - how I evaluated how some curricular area had worked out?

10. As DP you would have to evaluate the plans and Cuntais Míosiúla of staff - how would you undertake that task?

11. In undertaking an initiative there is a stage where you wait for areas to be accomplished. Why do you wait and what is the reasoning behind that?

12. How have you managed any initiative to mediate a change in your school?

Developing Leadership Capacity

13. Have you ever led a group (students, parents or staff) in an initiative and what did you do?

14. How did you feel after successfully accomplishing an initiative?

15. What makes up a good leader?

16. What do you do to reflect on your practice?

If you’ve found these questions useful share the link with someone who may be preparing for a leadership interview now.

If you want to learn more about the ‘Looking at Our School 2016: A Quality Framework for Primary Schools’ document - Check out my blogs on the 4 domains here:

The 4 domains are something we focus on inside the Teachers’ Promotion Club - If you would like to join us click here to find out more.



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