FAQs: The Teachers’ Promotion Club


You’ve asked so, here are the FAQs about The Teachers’ Promotion Club.

What are the benefits of joining a membership like The Teachers’ Promotion Club?

  • An increased sense of community – Right now you may not have a community around you who know about your ambition, who can share your path and desire to lead others – being involved in this group will mean that you have teachers to bounce ideas off of and who share your aspirations and are on their own journey.

  • Coaching – In the group sessions, there may be opportunities to experience coaching– to come to terms with the blocks and obstacles that are coming up for individuals and for the group as a whole. You can learn from and with others.

  • Cost – Group memberships are much less costly than 1-1 coaching so you can experience many benefits of coaching without the extra investment.

  • Sustainable professional development – rather than occasional webinars here and there, the group will help you in a gentle way to be reminded of the opportunities for regular skills development – because you or another group member are working towards a goal.

  • Access to me – Specialist Coach in Education. In our private Facebook group, you can ask me and the group members what you need clarification on your application form, vocabulary development, mindset blocks, interview techniques etc.

  • Support when you’re applying for and in, the job – Imagine having access to a support network when the time arises to apply for the position? Invaluable!

How does The Teachers’ Promotion Club differ from the leadership webinars that are out there already?

Some teachers I’m speaking to - are miserable in their jobs right now, others are unsure what exactly they want regarding their career, others want practical help with job applications and interview techniques and want to feel understood.

Here are some other obstacles that have arisen:

  • Self-confidence and self-belief (especially in terms of saying the right things in interviews).

  • Lack of interview experience.

  • The form seems so open-ended.

  • Procrastination - teachers are putting off getting out there for leadership positions.

  • Lack of people to bounce ideas off of etc.

This membership will not only teach core, targeted information, check in to see that you’re taking the actions that you chose to take. Furthermore, it will also support aspiring teacher leaders to create a network that will support them through a private Facebook group, Zoom Calls and career development tasks designed to move the members forward in their career (especially when it seems that they have little time to focus on their career).

Is the membership suitable for post-primary teachers also?

Yes – almost 50% of my clients are post-primary teachers. I find that there are so many overlaps in the methodologies, approach and mindset of teachers - it makes sense to combine the two so that we can learn from one another.

What if I’m not finding the content useful for my situation?

That’s the beauty of memberships – if you’re not finding the content relevant – then you can leave at any stage. I suggest remaining in the group for 2-3 months minimum because you'll be loving the bite-sized tips released throughout the months - though I envisage that you won’t want to leave because the content will help you move forward with strategy, support and momentum in your career!

What if I don’t have the time?

Membership of The Teachers’ Promotion Club will not require much of your time. Each month, there will be content to study at your own pace and in your own time but it will not take more than 1 hour per month. From experience working 1-1 with clients, however, not focusing on some parts of the LAOS document and your own career development can mean that certain aspects are missing from your interview answers. Focusing on these parts, setting your own goals and learning along with others will mean that you’re ready sooner and you have the evidence to show your effectiveness as a school leader. Inside our Facebook Group, you will have the opportunity to learn from others, share your journey and look for support in an easy, time-efficient manner.

Career development requires you to focus and carve out a little time - that’s what the group is out there to help you to do.

In the long run - The Teachers’ Promotion Club will SAVE you time - because you will have access to the key information when you need it most!

What if I want to leave?

As above – you are free to leave whenever you want.

What’s this about becoming a founding member?

This is the founding member stage of the membership. This means that for the duration of your membership in the group you will be charged the founding member rate of €37 per month. I am doing lots of market research at the moment and hitting the ground running on my website creating tips for application forms, interview prep for leadership interviews etc.  

Once the official group launches in November, I will release more information on my social media and officially launch the group which will be valued at a significantly increased value (likely to be at least €57+ per month)

I don’t want to be a school leader – how can the group help me?

That’s fine – me neither! Though I do love using leadership skills. Leadership skills include being a clear communicator, being decisive, being visionary, being respectful to others and deepening relationships can take and give feedback, being analytical etc. If, in 5 years time, you see yourself progressing in your career - The Teachers’ Promotion Club can help you to decide on which are the right actions for you to take and offer you accountability and support. This group will ensure that you make that step to become unstuck - if you’re willing to take on board the actions that you choose.

What’s included in the membership?

You will get access to:

  • P.D. Theme: Access to monthly themes on my online course platform based on job applications, interviews, leadership development and more.

  • Group-led topics: When/if you are interested, you will complete a questionnaire so that I get a sense for what you need most as a group and we will begin there so that members get what they need to begin and progress along their career first.

  • Facebook Group: A private member's Facebook Group for questions, trainings, questions and learning from others.

  • Content Bundles: Monthly bundles of relevant support trainings – eg. short videos, templates, pdfs etc. to continue your professional development each month.

  • Zoom Call: A monthly Zoom Call – learn about the topic each month while building a sense of community and support along your career journey (you will get access to the call recording if you can’t make it).

  • Ongoing support: I'll be in and out of the group throughout the month answering questions and doing mini-trainings based on what you need.

You’re not a principal – what makes you qualified to talk about leadership skills?

I first became interested in leadership when I realised that my most successful clients are self-motivated. These clients take my best ideas and go with them – they are self-managed and know that they are the solution to their problems. I love to use my skills in attention to detail, marketing, empathy, listening, understanding, writing, creativity and innovation to create this group so that you can also learn how to use your skills and how to show that (eh hem... sell yourself) in job applications and interviews. You may face rejection and it does require courage but creating a safe container for teachers to grow and develop and feel supported - well - that's kinda my jam! 

My experience with memberships

Personally, I wouldn't be where I am today without coaching, mentoring and lately, I've made huge leaps forward by being involved in membership groups and I can verify that... They work. Simple as.

If you're willing to make small changes - you will be in a better place in 6 months time. Indeed, behind the scenes, I'm in a fabulous membership that's helping me grow my business, develop my skills in ICT skills and it has a fantastic network of business owners on the same journey, it's brilliant!

Best of all, I can rely on my mentor/coach’s belief in me - in my ability to achieve what I set out to do - and we celebrate successes together. :)

You can find out more about The Teachers’ Promotion Club here. Email me at hello@orladempseycoaching.ie if you have any further questions about the membership group.



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