4 results you may refer to in the STAR technique


If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know I’m a massive advocate for the STAR technique for teachers answering competency-based questions. In competency-based interviews, interview boards are checking to see if you are competent in certain skills which are necessary for the role and their school.

For example, I may decide that a teacher in my school has to be a team player because we do a lot of in-class support, run various committees to move subject areas forwards and I need to see evidence of the fact that you can work in a team.

Going through the STAR technique the results may look different depending on which competency they were looking for and which question you were asked.

Here are a number of ways you can outline effective results:

  • Use numbers: As a result, 25% of my clients went up 2 Stens in their Micra T results

  • Use observations: This meant that my pupils completed the task easily because of the clear directions given.

  • Use conclusions: As a result of my emotional intelligence and communication skills the conflict was resolved with the parent and she went home happy that the situation was dealt with effectively.

  • Use outcomes: The tricky situation was resolved with my colleague and we continued to work well together from then onwards.

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