5 things to do to avoid ruminating after an interview


We’ve all been there - that fear that hits when you go out of an interview “I forgot to tell them X” or “I messed up the question about Y” or “I wasn't expecting that question on Z”. Certainly, write down all of your interview questions for your future records but going over and over the interview won’t help.

Here are a few things you can do to distract yourself while you wait to hear back.

  • Meet a friend for coffee

  • Go for a run with your favourite playlist

  • Create a plan to do something different 

  • Distract yourself in the cinema

  • Practice gratitude

Putting a stop-gap measure in place for after the interview is a really good idea to develop some balance and get some perspective post-interview. Let us know in the comments below - which one would you like to try?



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