The Special Role that Active Schools Coordinators Play


While working 1-1 with clients, I listen to what they say about the role they take and infer further information about what that role entails. This helps them clarify whether my sense for their role in their school is right or wrong and it opens up interesting conversations about the minute of the responsibilities of the role.

Today the Active Schools Co-ordinator gets a mention!

In schools, Active School Co-ordinators, I notice

  • are generally active themselves (and really care that pupils get opportunities to be outside and explore ways to be active).

  • are responsible for sourcing equipment for the school

  • are always on the lookout for initiatives that classes could get involved in

  • need support from other teachers to help coach teams and love when sporty teachers join the staff

  • are lively, bright and optimistic and bring that energy to the school

  • prioritise sport and exercise in their own lives

Active Schools Coordinators are a wonderful support to schools and put a focus on promoting all types of wellbeing. Well needed in this day and age

Anything else to add to this list for active schools coordinators?



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