Letter 2: Sample letter to parents for establishing a new homework routine


Whether you’re new to a school, a class or indeed, the role you’ll need to decide on what the main objectives are for homework or/and the skills development of the pupils. Then, you will need to explain your intentions in detail to the parents so that they know what’s going on and why you’re setting the homework/making a particular request of them.

This letter will help you explain things clearly and further develop communication methods and it will help you develop better relationships as they remain informed. This is a sample letter for a scheme I used during my CLASS hours. Add formalities, letter header, date, school address etc if necessary as per your school culture.


New Homework Routine

Dear parents,

Thank you for your continued support at …. X N.S.

This week we will begin a ……………………….. for X Class to help them (state the objective). (grow, develop, revise, create, learn how to..)

(Setting differentiated homework/relevant homework) Inside this folder, you will find some tasks that are specific to the needs of your child.

(Explaining how things will work)
As I mentioned before, each pack has
- 2 reading books (read book 1 on Wednesday and Thursday and book 2 on Monday and Tuesday perhaps).
- A reading record booklet
- A handwriting worksheet
- Some words to practice each night and some flashcards. You can play some games with them like Go Fish, Snap, Put the word into a sentence etc. (Giving them initial ideas).

In collaboration with (name teachers), we aim to (explain the details of the project - use a bulleted list if possible) It's very important that X and Y happen. (eg. the folders are in school on those days so that I can change the books and assign new words if necessary.).

Do a little every night (e.g. the handwriting worksheet does not have to be completed in whole on Wednesday night. It's better to encourage accuracy than rush through the tasks).

(Setting Expectations) If you have any questions at all, please write a note and put it in the homework folder or ring the school on Wednesday and Thursday and I will be happy to answer your queries.

If your child is absent, please continue to (Further setting expectations) follow this format each week (1 page of handwriting, reading and flashcards) each evening if possible and we will endeavour to make the most of the extra support for these next few weeks.

I look forward to working with you, (list of teachers)and your child,

Best regards,

O. Dempsey


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