Letter 1: Sample teacher introduction letter to parents

Sample teacher introduction letter to parent

Introducing yourself to parents when you start a new stint in a school is a nice idea so that they get a sense for you, what you are asking them to do to support their child and set expectations. In this blog, I outline some ideas for your letter or email. and why you might include them. Feel free to copy and paste it to use for your own purposes as you build relationships with parents in a new school or in a new role in your school. It’s really important to build good relationships with parents and this letter can help you begin that process.

Here it is:


Dear parents,

(Nice greeting to establish a connection) Happy New Year! I hope that you had a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.
(Introduce yourself) I will be taking pupils for a few weeks to help them in the area of literacy.

(Setting the scene) During this time, I will be providing intensive support to improve word identification, phonics and decoding skills due to the time missed out due to past lockdowns.

(Requesting help) In order to maximise my time here, I'd love your support!
I'm sending home
1. A word list
2. A PM reader
3. A little piece of handwriting practice.

This homework is to be practised nightly and I will check it as often as possible and change it on Wednesdays.

(Further relationship building) Working together with you and focusing on these small things with consistency will help your child greatly improve their attainment in the area of literacy. Are you in?

(Sharing a little personal information) I've been working in ……… (X area) for 10 years or so and I'm delighted to be back to work with the community again.

(Contact information) If you have any questions, please do get in touch via email at (EMAIL ADDRESS (/by phoning the school etc))

Best wishes,
Ms. O. Dempsey


This is the first letter template in a series of four templates. Check out for them each Monday for the next 4 weeks. If you enjoyed this blog post, please share it with your friends and colleagues.



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