What's the difference between The Teachers' Promotion Club and 1-1 services with you?

This question has come up a little in my clarity calls with interested teachers so I'm sharing a little about what you can expect inside the club!

Pros of The Teachers' Promotion Club

1. Exclusive Trainings

Inside The Teachers' Promotion Club we delve deeper into themes that come up in interviews like Time Management, how to deal with the conflict question and lots of in-depth information about the LAOS document. Some of the trainings are paid masterclasses that I've held teachers have invested over the months and years - €35 and €45 for - so the content of the group now is worth many hundreds worth of Euros! Other trainings and resources can only be accessed exclusively through the membership.

2. We learn from each other
Each member of The Teachers' Promotion Club accesses content from guest speakers on themes such as becoming a new principal, teacher time management, motivation, student voice, recruitment and more. Accessing trainings at the click of an app - makes learning from others accessible and inspirational. I'm always on hand with marketing guidance and expertise about job hunting best practices too.

If you want to pick up ideas from others, this group will help!

3. The Teachers' Promotion Club is more about career growth and reflection

In my 1-1 sessions, I have 90 mins to work with a client in which we practice interview questions or prepare their job application form. While we make excellent progress on a specific job application, it can be a little limited in terms of career progression. Inside The Teachers' Promotion Club, members get opportunities to do lots of self-reflection and learn information that is useful for long-term career development such as ways to approach time management, prompts based on the LAOS document and how to deal with conflict and lots more. This information is useful for interviews, but it is also crucial to put into practice for career and personal growth as a teacher and leader.

4. Follow on Support

Many of my 1-1 clients have joined The Teachers Promotion Club after working with me 1-1because they see the potential of the group to advance their careers. Some clients are focused on deputy principal roles or principal roles and are awaiting the right opportunity to come around.

In the meantime, The Teachers' Promotion Club is a fantastic place to gain key information that they didn't access in our 1-1 session and pinpoint ways they can develop further for the next opportunity.

Facebook Group
When teachers invest in my products and services they can access a Facebook Group in which I share observations, new tools, tips and recommendations all based on the themes of leadership, motivation, problem-solving in education, job applications and interviews. Ask any questions you wish, flick through the content or get involved in our occasional challenges designed to get you outside of your comfort zone.


Learn more about the Teachers' Promotion Club here.



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