Don't Skip This Step: 5 Accommodations That Should Be Made in Your Job Application Form

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đŸ€Ș Literacy Teachers: You know what it's like to read a bunch of essays.
You need to BRACE YOURSELF for the task.
Some students love to write and write. 10 pages later and you're still reading.

đŸ€š Job applications are like this.

Your job application lands itself into a bundle with others.

Some job applications can be 21 pages long.

So, what accommodations can YOU make to help the reader and STAND OUT?

1. Think about it from their perspective.

Who will be reading this form? What would they be truly interested to read and why? Eg. You know that they have a new build coming up - they will be interested to learn that you have experience project engineering a new building. This is the first step in planning your job application approach and your headings/stories to tell.

2. Begin your job application well in advance.

You can write out your career stories at any time. Utilise the STAR technique at this point and you'll have lots of great content to put into your form when the job is advertised.

3. Use headings and subheadings.

Headings are a fantastic help to assist the reader in processing your experience and what you have to offer. Long blocks of text are tricky to read. Utilise white space and paragraphs too - your reader will thank you!

4. Don't include EVERYTHING.

Old information - greater than 7-10 years old is obsolete. If you've been nurturing your career for the last 7+ years - you won't need to reference your 'B post' back in 2002. You've never been more experienced than you are today. Make your job application reader-friendly by letting old information 'slide off' your job application.

5. Reference your IMPACT.

Show the reader the impact that you've had as a leader by showing them the impact that you've made.
The homework club you established [IMPACT] means that 17 pupils now have support while doing their homework.
The consistent managerial support [IMPACT] means that pupils are now growing in their footballing skills and they reached the semi-final this year.

Accommodating your reader in your (sometimes lengthy!) job application form means that you've given yourself a greater chance of being short-listed.

For my 1-1 clients in The Career Accelerator Programme - it's like a lightbulb moment when I show them how to update their form and where they've been going wrong. 💡 When they know - what they didn't know - they can never forget what I share with them. đŸ€© AND the best bit is - we work TOGETHER on their form to improve it.
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