How I Went from Class Teacher to 6 Figure Leadership Mentor

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In 2014, I took a career break. Applying for it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. the last 9 years have been an incredible journey and step by step I've hit my target for 2023. I'm thrilled. 

In terms of the start of this journey - I procrastinated about asking for the time off until 😆 my principal trumped me and asked me a few days before the deadline if I was taking a career break. I stumbled and stuttered and said "yes maybe -  that was something I was thinking about. I just wasn't ready to fully admit it to myself yet.

That was the start of a wonderful journey!

My Career Break
I traveled for almost a year. I undertook a level 9 course in UCD (Innovation and Enterprise and Entrepreneurship).

I struggled trying to make a living through subbing, working in crĂšches and working with a babysitting agency.
And in 2017- I decided to bite the bullet and do a coaching course.
All this time I was frightened, feeling lost and 😣 still hanging onto my permanent job as a teacher.

A little voice inside me told me that if I did what I always did - then I'd always get what I had gotten.
I wanted to make a success of my business and I knew I couldn't do that alone.

This Year I Made 6 Figures So I Thought I'd Share The Factors That Led to My Success.
What were the factors that led me to success? 
1. I invested in mentoring for myself and my business.

Since I qualified as a coach I've always had a coach or mentor (or both!) on the go! Their questions and insights helped me see opportunities and things in myself that I couldn't see. I grew in confidence.

2. I focused on always adding value to my clients and followers.

Because I'm qualified a few years now - I have a bank of information to share - whether they be blogs or anecdotes to share with others online or in person. This has helped me grow and access to free information has helped teachers grow with (and without) my 1-1 support.

3. I showed up consistently.

You'll see me post on Facebook and Instagram almost every day. My website has lots of blogs and more on the way. Developing my business requires consistently showing up for myself and others.

4. I focused on leading in my own way.

Developing a business requires me to lead it. I figured out what I'm good at and I used my leadership skills like being a change agent, utilising technology to maximise the time I have, persistence, innovation, written communication and courage to lead others to greater self-awareness of how they can develop their careers. That's what I love to do and I see that there's a great need for it. 

5. I specialised in what I'm great at.

I let go of the things that no longer excite me so that I have energy for the things that do. I can't do everything and I've learned to be ok with that.  Since 2017 - I've tried out lots of things - many paths were successful, and others flopped. Every year though, I pivoted and learned which areas were sparking my fire. In 2018 I wanted to be a 'teacher coach' but that wasn't the 'done thing' at the time - but eventually I found my way. I'm so happy I stuck with it!

6. I learned from others and implemented their advice.

Even when I couldn't afford it - I invested in a coach. My first business coach was in 2017 when I signed up for Breda Stcckpool's group program. From every session, I took a few pointers and implemented my learning. It's this ACTION that creates success! Since then, my therapists, coaches and mentors have played a key role in my business and personal success.

No (wo)man is an island and there's a team behind me helping me and willing me to succeed! 

If you're ready to take your career to the next level - I'm ready to help you on the path to secondment or senior school leadership. Learn more about my Career Accelerator Programme below. 

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