Time Management Tips For Interviews

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Let’s talk about tips for ➡Time Management⬅.

It’s one of my FAVOURITE topics to help clients with - because there are loads of ways they save time and they don’t notice it.

In this interview question, you need to tell them all the ways that you manage your time.

Examples here might be: 

  • Your calendar/diary/wall planner - ensures that you have records of things you need to do. If you manage your diary correctly – you won’t miss important events etc. Is this something you do?
  • You may forward plan. This might look like thematic planning/monthly planning/fortnightly plans etc. Doing this means that you fit in what you want/need to and that you get an overall view of the curriculum and what you’re covering. Forward planning your personal life also can mean that you’re developing a better work/life balance. 
  • Notebooks. Many teachers tell me that they keep their to-do lists in certain journals or notebooks. Having a list of tasks that you need to complete on paper helps to manage your time effectively also.
  • Using IT. Sharing notes on Google Drive with your colleagues is an easy and effective way to share important information quickly. Using teams to send information to colleagues and students also saves time. How does IT/VS Ware/Aladdin/Ipads etc help you save time?
  • Prioritising Important Tasks and Events. Another important word for time management is ‘prioritise’. Other nice words include ‘delegate’, ‘teamwork’, ‘set boundaries’ etc.

I hope that these points got you thinking! Reflecting on all the ways that you manage your time effectively is very important when you are preparing for leadership roles. Get the journal out!


You’ll get lots of information like this in ‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ which is part of my ‘Always Ready – Career Accelerator’ Course. You’ll love learning about the things you could say, moving forward with my support and feeling empowered that you’re managing your time and focusing on enhancing your likelihood of securing your next leadership role.

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