If I Was Applying for a Principal Role in 2024 This Is What I'd Do

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Making the move to senior leadership is a significant life step - to say the least! Developing your career is different from developing your job, however. So, how can you foster your career and apply better for senior leadership roles? 

Here's what I'd do if I was applying for a principalship in 2024. 

1. I'd review the 16 LAOS competencies and see if I have an example for each competency. Your interview and your job application form will be based on them - so it's a fantastic use of your time to check and doing this will allow you to spot places where you need to improve the ways eg you deal with conflict, you develop student voice, you lead new things etc. Naturally, you won't be fully competent in all areas.

2. I'd check to see if I had VARIETY in my interview answers. If I was using the same AP2 reference point again and again - I'd shake things up a bit so that I was using a variety of stories and telling old stories in a new way. You want to be memorable and shaking up your stories will be a great way to be fresh and interesting. Using stories from school, the classroom and leadership examples from the community is interesting and shows the wider impact that you've made.

3. I'd get interview coaching. If you've never had interview coaching before - you're missing a trick! I suggest that the ideal length of an interview answer is 90 seconds. This is based on the attention span of humans nowadays. Not long eh? Interview coaching can show you how to make the most impact in the shortest time possible.

4. I'd learn as much about the school as I could from the website, friends and their friends who know anything about it. Utilising my network would be important. Gaining key insights into their school needs, strengths and weaknesses etc would be a great start! When I've gathered insider information I would select the best stories to tell based on their needs.

5. I'd join The Teachers Promotion Club and implement my new learnings.

There's lots of important self-awareness, job application, interview skills, etc in the Teachers Promotion Club. My advice to you? There's FANTASTIC information in the club - but you must choose to implement your key learnings. Learn and implement. Learn and implement. Here's what L had to say about it "The Teachers' Promotion Club has given me more confidence in thinking that I can do the job and be successful when my time comes. Being in the club helped me with prioritising and looking at my strengths. It has made me enthusiastic about teaching again." For ‚ā¨47 per month - it's a fantastic start to learn about the unique skills you need to apply better for leadership roles!¬†

6. I'd look for opportunities to present and improve my presentation skills.
Some school senior leaders are asked to make a presentation during their interview. As a school principal or DP - you will need to make presentations. I'd join Toastmasters, do a public speaking evening class, etc to learn more about these skills.

7. I'd print off and reflect on senior leadership job application forms.

Why not? I would spot the differences and similarities in each form. This would give me an overview of what the relevant organisations are looking for and in printing the form - I would align myself with my ideal role and be informed about the kinds of information schools and organisations are looking for. Printing off different forms (or downloading them to view) is a fantastic use of 20 minutes when preparing for a principal job. 

8. I'd hire a coach for self-reflection and support along the way.

It's no surprise, but I'm a huge fan of coaching. I've learned so much about myself thus far and I'd hire a coach if I was applying for a principal role in 2024. Making big changes in my life would take careful consideration and strategy. Investing in myself always makes me feel good too.

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